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Menopause Mastery Podcasts List

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Episodes 1-50 are available below for easy listening

Episode 01: Menopause Mastery

Episode 02: The Gut, Your Mindset & Feeling Better with Jackie Bowker

Episode 03: Menopause Mastery: Help! Why am I Losing My Hair?

Episode 04: How to have a Luscious Relationship with Juliette Karaman

Episode 05: Menopause & Gut Health – How Your Microbes Change Hormonal Health

Episode 06: What Your Gynecologist May Not Understand About Hormones with Dr. Tabatha Barker

Episode 07: How to Eat and Get the Benefits of Fasting at The Same Time with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Episode 08: Your Life is Just Starting at 40 – Cleansing and Living a Lifestyle of Longevity with Olesya Wilson

Episode 09: Why You Are Still Insulin Resistant on a Low-Carb Diet

Episode 10: A Deep Dive Into How Stress is Ruining Weight Loss

Episode 11: Understanding the Basics of Thyroid Function and Common Disorders with Dr. Amie Hornaman

Episode 12: Why You Should Have Your Hormones Tested & Stop Medical Gaslighting Women

Episode 13: The Secrets to Longevity with Dr Rajka

Episode 14: Uncovering Your Subconscious Mind with Sari Cowsert

Episode 15: Are You Leptin Resistant?

Episode 16: Balancing Your Brain-Soul System with Dr. Louise Swartzwalter

Episode 17: Thanks Superbowl, but Menopause is More Than Vasomotor Symptoms

Episode 18: How to Live Your Best Life with Chef Nikky

Episode 19: How to Have a Great Sex Life After 40 with Dr. Soum Rakshit

Episode 20: The Connection Between Depression and Thyroid Health with Sara Banta

Episode 21: Do You Have Progesterone Deficiency? All About Progesterone Function

Episode 22: Erasing Stigma about Hormonal Therapy with Dr. Rosensweet

Episode 23: Is Cholesterol Dangerous for Heart Disease? with Dan Cardellichio

Episode 24: You Are More Than Your Diagnosis – Unraveling the Hidden Elements that Lead to Disease with Reed Davis

Episode 25: Is Hormone Replacement Safe for Menopause? with Kyrin Dunston, MD

Episode 26: Should You Try Semiglutide? with Dr. Amie Hornaman

Episode 27: How to Get Fitness into a Busy Schedule with MK Stahl

Episode 28: Unlock Your Pleasure Potential with Susan Bratton

Episode 29: The Hidden Endocrine Disruptors in Beauty Products with Ana Gonzalez Herrera

Episode 30: How to Harness Breathwork for Healing with Jen Broyles

Episode 31: Can Hashimoto’s be Reversed? with Dr. Anshul Gupta

Episode 32: How Much Protein Should You Eat? with Dr. Amie Hornaman

Episode 33: What You Need to Know About Probiotics with Natasha Trenev

Episode 34: Peeling Back the Layers: Embracing Your Flaws and Living Authentically with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

Episode 35: Healing Trauma: The Three Ingredients for Transformation with Dr. Aimie Apigian

Episode 36: Harnessing the Power of Light for Menopause and Hormone Health with Roudy Nassif

Episode 37: Is Semaglutide Worth It? Your Questions Answered!

Episode 38: Fast. Feast. Repeat! with Dr. Gin Stephens

Episode 39: Are Goitrogens, Phytic Acid, and Lectins Causing Health Problems?

Episode 40: Are You Weight Loss Resistant?

Episode 41: Reframing the Stress Response: Finding Equanimity in Challenging Times

Episode 42: Balancing Caregiving and Self-Care

Episode 43: Unraveling the Myths of Estrogen Dominance: What Really Happens in Your Body

Episode 44: Why You Should Try a CGM – Biohack Your Blood Sugar

Episode 45: The “Silent Killer” of Weight Loss & Accelerator of Aging

Episode 46: The Secret Ingredient to Reverse Signs of Aging with Lana Kerr

Episode 47: Do I Have Long Haul COVID?

Episode 48: Top Lab Tests Every Woman Over 40 Needs NOW

Episode 49: Feminine Energy Unleashed: Menopause as a Catalyst for Change with Mel Ross

Episode 50: Reframing Menopause: From Crisis to Opportunity


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