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Erasing Stigma about Hormonal Therapy with Dr. Rosensweet

Today on Menopausal Mastery, Dr. Daved Rosensweet joins us to shed light on bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Rosensweet graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and pioneered the first nurse practitioner training program in America. He has been practicing since 1971 and has since authored three educational books on hormones and menopause. In this episode, he breaks down the stigma of hormone therapy and shares his preferred
treatments, testing, and his menopausal protocol.

When women are ready for hormonal therapy, it is usually at a point of desperation. They want their symptoms alleviated, but we discuss why hormone therapy needs to go beyond feeling comfortable again. Dr. Rosensweet explains why long-term and permanent hormone therapy offers protection for your bones, muscles, and brain function.

For the last two decades women have lived in fear of hormone therapy, but Dr. Rosensweet details why hormonal care is vital to women’s longevity and cognitive health. Estrogen is an essential hormone found in the brain, and when your levels decrease, so do your memory and cognitive abilities. You don’t have to suffer in your later years! Today Dr. Rosensweet gives you the framework to thrive during and long after menopause.

Key Takeaways

  • [4:00] Going beyond medical school
  • [6:50] Myths about hormone replacement
  • [14:00] Estrogen matters at any age
  • [20:00] The root cause of all diseases
  • [24:00] When and how to test your hormones
  • [30:00] Beyond alleviating your symptoms
  • [32:00] Estrogen and alzheimers
  • [38:00] Perimenopause and emotional symptoms
  • [40:00] Why you need testosterone
  • [43:00] Hormone delivery mechanisms

Memorable Quotes:

“It takes a certain amount to protect the brain. When does this show up? If you have less than the optimal amount it could take ten, twenty years to show up, but I promise everyone out there that your life is gonna mean as much to you when you’re eighty and ninety, as it does right now in this moment, and you don’t want to lose cognitive function.” [31:09] -Dr.Rosensweet

“Estrogen is best delivered applied to the skin topically. Yes, you can take estrogen in a pill form, but there’s increased risks there, and you have to take more estrogen. It provokes coagulation issues.” [44:02] -Dr. Rosensweet


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