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Welcome to Menopause Mastery

This show is for women who are ready for more – health – vitality – passion – purpose. I love taking complex science and making it easy to integrate into daily life. Every week I’ll be giving you access to world-class doctors, scientists, psychologists, sex experts, movers and shakers, and those living their best life.

Nutrition, hormones, functional medicine, and a wellness lifestyle are only the tip of the conversation. Join the journey to uncover your deepest desires, harness your physical and mental health and peel back the layers to know exactly what you want out of life.

I am part geek, part magician, and your new medical bestie! It’s my mission to be the voice for women in this next chapter of life who want to live their best life with vitality, purpose, and passion.

Step into your life of passion and purpose.

Recent Episodes

Episode 50: Reframing Menopause: From Crisis to Opportunity



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