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About Betty Murray’s Office

I’m passionate about helping women uncover their unique biochemistry and needs so they can get the health, the body and the life that they want and live vibrantly.

Our mission

The practice mission is to create a new paradigm for medicine so that nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and stress management are not only under one roof but all part of your healthcare process.

Betty follows the Institute for Functional Medicines’ paradigm since she’s board-certified with the IFM.

Providing Effective Solutions & Simple Explanations

“To my clients, I often become their quarterback; I have a unique ability to take what they may be getting from different specialists, medical providers and the nutritional aspects we’re looking at and being able to help them understand that complexity-and how it applies to them. And how to put it in action,” said Betty.

A Client Success Story

It’s fulfilling to hear from many clients how their health and lives have improved as a result of our care.

One of our clients is a 38-year-old woman who we’ll call Sarah (not her real name). Sarah battled with her weight off and on for several years and had periods of time where her weight was in the normal range. After her second child, however, Sarah never lost the weight and started gaining weight.

At the same time, Sarah’s periods started becoming more uncomfortable. She also began to get moodier and had sleep problems. Her libido was in the tank and never truly recovered. Sarah also suffered from brain fog and fatigue and became overwhelmed by her family and responsibilities. Sarah also thought, “If I feel this bad now, what do the next 40 or so years look like?”

How Sarah felt was affecting all parts of her life. Betty went deep into the conversation with her and found that her client wasn’t doing the things that would bring her joy or make her feel fulfilled in the world.

Sarah also didn’t like how she felt or how her body looks; she didn’t feel at home in her body and even felt betrayed by it. We were able to uncover the driver behind Sarah’s symptoms-genetic insulin resistance. She had an estrogen and insulin problem that was driving a lot of the weight loss problems throughout her life.

When Sarah was pregnant with her second child, she entered into the perimenopausal realm. We were able to correct some of the underlying hormonal problems. As a result, Sarah’s periods improved and became more regular. Our client was able to sleep better and lose weight for the first time without having to starve and keep it off.

I can get anyone to lose weight through a crash diet but we want our clients to keep the weight off.

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