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Below you will find Betty Murray’s recommendations that will help you live more vibrantly with your changing biochemistry!

I believe that the best skin care can share the latest and greatest in scientific advancement in anti-aging with natural and organic ingredients. Some natural skin care products have great ingredients but don’t perform as well as some of the clinical brands.

Many clinical brands contain harsh or even toxic ingredients. Medical-grade skinceuticals and topicals have technology to help the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and rejuvenate at a cellular level.

By marrying science and organic ingredients you can turn back the clock and reduce the signs of aging without subjecting your skin to toxic ingredients. I recommend the following brands because they combine the best of science with natural ingredients.

  • Obaji

    Obagi productsIf you’ve been seeking a skincare treatment that reduces and prevents signs of aging, sun damage, or acne from forming on your skin, Obagi Medical products may be right for you. These will not only improve the clarity and quality of your skin, but they also can improve the deeper health of the skin.

    Unlike most skincare treatments on the market today, Obagi Medical products do more than care for your skin; they thoroughly transform the skin on a cellular level.

  • CV Skinlabs®

    CV Skinlabs offer both scientific innovation and organic ingredients in one pure product line. The company uses potent and scientifically proven medical-grade ingredients with thoughtful attention to creating the safest, most therapeutic formulas using organic ingredients for delicate and sensitive skin.

    Made with natural and organic ingredients, the CV Skinlabs formulas are infused with their proprietary TRI-RESCUE COMPLEX®. CV Skinlabs provide solutions that safely and effectively optimize skin barrier repair and restore the health and radiance of your skin.

  • C60 Purple Power

    c60 logoBy reducing free radical damage, inside every cell, the power-generating mitochondria can manufacture energy much more efficiently. This energy is used not only for physical activity but for thinking and memory, activating the immune response, boosting metabolism and more. Those who use C60 often report having more energy, improved mental focus and increased sex drive and endurance.

    Other benefits of C60 include accelerated wound healing, the repair of muscles and blood vessels, and the creation of healthy new tissues and bone cells. Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of C60 is that it might help to extend one’s life. In a 2012 study, test animals who received C60 lived 90% longer!

  • Dry Farm Wines logo

    Dry Farms Wine

    As we all need to unwind at times, let’s do it a little more healthily! I like Dry Farms Wine because it’s organically farmed, sugar-free and is keto and paleo friendly. Another bonus is they will ship the wine directly to you.


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