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New Patients at Betty Murray’s Office

Welcome to our practice! In our warm and friendly office, you’ll feel right at home and ready to start on your journey toward healing and better health.

Our Online Intake Process

Before your first appointment with Betty, we have a three-part online intake process. It goes in-depth over your history and story of what’s been going on over your lifetime. Specifically, we get a highly in-depth functional medicine history.

If you’ve had lab work or previous scans done please bring or upload those as well. We will determine what other labs you may need to have done. After filling out your health history you will meet with one of Betty’s health coaches.

Your health coach will get you started on some dietary lifestyle changes. We also will typically run some basic hormone labs based on what’s going on so when you see Betty she has some lab results to review with you.

Betty likes to look at these lab results and images because they give her a bigger picture. We also encourage you to bring medications and supplements with you so we know what you’re taking. At that first visit, we usually spend about an hour and a half talking about everything going on, developing our initial game plan.

During the first visit, we have a lengthy and purposeful conversation. We’re interested in answers to the following:

  • Where you have been?
  • What’s happened up to this point with your health?

  • What have you tried and what haven’t you tried?
  • What things have you done diagnostically?

We focus on the story which is extremely important and often overlooked.

Betty asks a lot of questions so she can determine where she needs to start and what does she need to look at. “I want to identify what’s been missing and find the answers to what a client’s problems are,” she said. From there Betty will build a program of what you need and what’s the path to fixing your particular problem.

Betty will develop a customized program to put you in. It will likely be provided in 4-month increments to help you achieve your goal. For example, if someone has a lot of weight to lose we adjust the program that will include health coaching and working with Betty.

Your program will include additional diagnostic studies and whatever else she needs to do.

The length of your plan will vary depending on your goals. If you have acute pain, we will seek to address it as soon as possible without disrupting your life. Typically, most plans last 3-6 months.

Throughout the length of your program, you will have health coaching in between visits. Those sessions are usually weekly or biweekly. You may need to see the health coach more frequently and Betty may want to see you every 6-8 weeks. The directives can come with less frequency from Betty because you will be working with a health coach.

Most of Betty’s clients stay with her long term in some way; they may achieve their goal and have a new goal. Or a client may have some type of maintenance plan check every six months or a year. The choice is always yours as to how long you want to see us.

Betty still has clients that she’s seen for 15 years!

Betty offers a DIY course that her clients get. If you come in for help with your hormones you will get the course for free. She also has a group program. You have the option of just doing the course and not seeing somebody.

Take That First Step Today

Contact our practice to schedule a convenient appointment. We look forward to helping you enjoy optimal health.


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