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Menopause Mastery: Menopause & Gut Health – How Your Microbes Change Hormonal Health

Want to know what’s really happening with your hormones? Just take a look at your poop.

This week, Betty talks about the link between hormonal health and gut health. You’ll learn exactly what the microbiome is and how it’s created. It turns out that the microbiome is incredibly important. In fact, you couldn’t survive without it.

Then, she’ll walk you through the roles of the microbes and how they impact your hormonal health. The liver also has a huge role to play. By walking you through the stages of liver detoxification, Betty will teach you how the contents of the liver end up in the gut.

Your stomach or digestive problems might be a gut problem, and you might not even know it. Looking at your gut and bowel movements is incredibly important to your overall health, especially if you’re a woman in the transitional period of life.

The question is, are you the host or will you take control of your gut?

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • What the microbiome is and what it does.
  • How the microbiome is created.
  • The roles of the microbes.
  • Gut Microbial β-Glucuronidase
  • The stages of liver detoxification.
  • What you can do to balance your microbiome.
  • Bowel movement frequency.
  • Stool and dried urine tests.

Memorable Quotes:

“Actually your gut health has a huge impact on your hormonal health.” (1:10, Betty)

“We have more microbial cells in our body than we do human.” (3:26, Betty)

“Your microbiome is largely what you’re exposed to and what ends up colonizing your gut. So the health of your body is determined by your microbiome and vice versa.” (6:12, Betty)

“If you’re eating enough fiber, you should have enough stool throughout the day to fill a Kleenex box.” (12:33, Betty)

“Your digestion and your microbiome and your poop can really tell you what’s really happening with your hormones and there is impact there.” (24:16, Betty)

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