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Menopause Mastery: How to have a Luscious Relationship with Juliette Karaman

This week, Betty spoke with Juliette Karaman, founder of Feel Fully You. She helps women reconnect with themselves and with their partners. Intimacy is founded on good communication but so many women are not equipped with the vocabulary to express their desires, if they even know them at all. With intentional curiosity, Juliette teaches you how to get to know yourself again and carry those skills into your relationship, because most divorces are rooted in bad communication patterns. As you learn what feels good in your body and learn how to tell that to your partner, they then can give it to you! Sometimes, it is that simple. It’s easy to complain and pick apart yourself and your partner but if you learn to devote your attention to the abundance in your life, you can rekindle the passion in your life.

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] Hitting rock bottom: When you have no choice but to change your mentality
[4:30] Why you should take the time to nurture yourself
[5:30] How you show up communicates to yourself and to others what you are willing to accept
[7:50] Caring for more than just what you present to the outside world
[9:00] Addressing your perception before you change your circumstances
[11:00] You are usually unaware of your own mental and emotional blocks
[12:00] Getting in tune with yourself is the first step to effective communication
[13:00] Leaning into the abundance of your life
[15:20] Disrupting the pattern you’re stuck in and rebuild communication
[18:30] Never lose curiosity about your partner
[20:00] Developing the vocabulary to precisely communicate what feels good to you
[24:00] Discovering your way into pleasure
[26:30] It’s ok to be high maintenance because it sets you up for success
[29:30] Finding beauty in your own body!
[34:00] When you begin focusing on yourself your relationships always improve
[35:40] What you can do today to start your journey to self love


Feel Fully You

Memorable Quotes:

“Everything is a communication. It might be verbally communicated through language or it’s the things that we do, It’s how we be and how we are as a human. It’s how we dress ourselves, what do we wear? How do we look at the world and what do we accept? How do we accept people treating us? [5:35] -guest

“What about if I change how emotionally I feel about things and if I start looking back at the things that are actually blocking me which often are emotional things that we just swept under the carpet. An intense experience that happened too fast for our minds and our psyche to process.” [9:12]- guest

“Communication is really key. Learning about your feelings , first of all, and then what emotions you have, what’s going on in your body and then being able to communicate it.” [12:05] – guest

“If you slow it down and can communicate; a little to the left, a little bit to the right, harder, softer, less pressure, more pressure. You start actually opening that up. It’s like, Oh!, I actually have sensation but we often don’t have the language for it, we don’t have the vocabulary for it.” [20:40]

“Be a high maintenance woman because then you actually know exactly what you want and you’re setting yourself and your partner up for success.” [26:37]

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