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Understanding the Basics of Thyroid Function and Common Disorders with Dr. Amie Hornaman

When it comes to thyroid dysregulation, a lot can go into it.

Meet Dr. Amie Hornaman, otherwise known as “The Thyroid-Fixer.” Dr. Amie is a doctor of clinical nutrition, functional medicine practitioner, and host of the top-rated podcast in medicine and alternative health. She’s also the founder of The Institute for Thyroid and Hormone Optimization, an organization that uses proven approaches to address thyroid dysfunction and support people in returning to full health.

Dr. Amie is on today’s show to tell you everything you need to know about the thyroid. Delving into little-known thyroid hormones such as T2, you’ll learn why your thyroid might be dysregulated even when you are on medication.

Then, she’ll explain some little-known symptoms of an unbalanced thyroid. You might be surprised to hear that almost anything can throw off your thyroid, so it’s important to be on top of it. That’s why Dr. Amie will give you easy tips and tools to help you optimize your thyroid.

And if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed about testing, then your worries are about to disappear. Dr. Amie will explain what thyroid tests you should get and what data you should look for so you can know exactly what is happening inside your body.

By being proactive and listening to your body, you can make small adjustments that lead to positive impacts on your health.

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The biggest misconceptions about the thyroid.
  • What Dr. Amie looks for in the lab.
  • The Hashimoto’s Disease epidemic.
  • Dr. Amie walks you through the T1 T2, T3, & T4 thyroid hormones and what they do.
  • Thyroid medications.
  • Little-known symptoms of thyroid dysregulation.
  • Why testosterone is important, even in women.
  • How to monitor your thyroid levels.
  • Tips, tools, & diet changes you can use to optimize your thyroid.

Where to Find the Guest:
Listen to The Thyroid Fixer podcast
Join Dr. Amie’s private Facebook group
Download your free labs and symptoms checklist!

Memorable Quotes:

“You don’t stop at your doctor telling you that everything is fine. When you know inside that it’s not, and you know your body better than anyone, you know when something is off.” (4:12, Dr. Amie)

“I’m not saying that everything under the sun is thyroid related, but since the thyroid is the master gland, there are many different things that can be going on in your body that will improve once we optimize your thyroid.” (24:19, Dr. Amie)

“Life is always changing. Our hormones are always changing. Even if you’re in menopause, hopefully you’re on some kind of bioidentical hormone replacement, and if you’re in menopause, your hormones are still shifting.” (27:20, Dr. Amie)

“Testosterone is the most abundant hormone in a woman’s body.” (29:13, Dr. Amie)

“Your doctor says no to labs, it’s time to get a new doctor.” (53:24, Dr. Amie)

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