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Uncovering Your Subconscious Mind with Sari Cowsert

95% of your thoughts and emotions are subconscious and that subconscious mind develops in early childhood. Sari Cowsert, is a Certified Master Imagery Facilitator and hypnotherapist helping people tap into their own personal power to overcome and rewire their subconscious self.

After 12 years of chronic anxiety and subsequent illnesses, Sari took control of her wellness simply by acknowledging her power to do so! Your thoughts become your reality and hypnotherapy is a tool that helps individuals understand just how negative their self talk is.

Building awareness is the first step towards reparenting your inner child to shape new thought patterns that serve you in the present moment. In this episode, Sari teaches you how to stop the cycle of subconscious behavior, so you can stop living in survival mode. Give yourself permission to rest and repair so you can grow your capacity for love, reduce anxiety and revive your mind and body!

Key Takeaways:

  • [8:00] Getting your rational mind back in the driver seat by rewiring your subconscious mind
  • [22:00] How chronic stress is disrupting your mental and physical well being
  • [24:20] Building awareness by allowing yourself some time away from your phone
  • [27:00] The reality of hypnosis and what you can expect during hypnotherapy
  • [31:00] How being in survival mode increases suggestibility and addictive tendencies
  • [33:45] The decisions you make today are based off your subconscious childhood programing
  • [38:00] Reparenting yourself by deciding how you want to talk to yourself


Memorable Quotes:

“Your body, which is basically your subconscious mind is in the driver seat and your mind, yourrational mind is in the passenger seat because we know now that 95% of our thoughts and emotions are subconscious, they’re not conscious.” [8:50 -Sari]

“There’s not a single person that can or cannot be hypnotized but it’s what are you gonna allow? Are you going to allow this process to happen? Are you going to fight it with your analytical mind, the whole time?” [30:29 -Sari]

“That’s ultimately what we have inside of us, a child that just wants to be loved and heard but instead we’re lashing out because we’re not receiving that.” [35:30 – Sari]

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