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The Connection Between Depression and Thyroid Health with Sara Banta

Is your body fighting against you? Today on Menopause Mastery, we discuss health and nutrition with Sara Banta. She is the founder of Accelerated Health Products, a supplement company created out of a need to protect her child diagnosed with Leukemia. After discovering the root cause of her health problems, Sara crafted a new class of supplements. Using these scaler frequency-charged supplements, Sara recovered from hormonal issues, insulin resistance, heavy metal toxicity, and more. In this episode, she gives a crash course in digestive health and how to clear your body’s detox pathways.

With so many toxins and radiation in our food and technology, reports of mysterious weight gain, emotional instability, skin irritation, insomnia, and hypothyroidism are increasing, but are continuously misdiagnosed. Conventional doctors are doing the bare minimum to address these burdensome conditions. Sara teaches you how to advocate for your health because your doctor works for you! She equips you with the vocabulary, questions, and medical knowledge to take control of your next consultation.

Sara demonstrates how SSRIs interfere with your thyroid system and reveals that many women are put on these medications unnecessarily. If you are tired of feeling tired and are ready to reclaim your health, tune in and educate yourself on the wonders these supplements can have on your health.

Key Takeaways

  • [4:00] Sara’s path to holistic nutrition
  • [7:00] Life changes when your child is sick
  • [11:25] Healing with scaler frequencies
  • [15:00] The link between nutrient deficiencies and depression
  • [19:50] Stress and depression caused by hypothyroidism
  • [22:10] Radiation and toxicity in our environment
  • [24:00] The effect of SSRI medication and thyroid dysfunction
  • [28:00] Clogged sulfur detox pathways
  • [32:00] Eating leptin vegetables
  • [39:50] Healing from insulin resistance
  • [45:15] Hacking your sleep

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Memorable Quotes:

“A practitioner who essentially peeled my health back like an onion, and he said; Sara, you have zero digestion. I don’t know how you walked into my office. You have no thyroid, you have no energy. It is out of pure will and your type A personality that you’re getting out of bed and doing what you’re doing, and I started crying because finally, someone knew what I was going through.” [6:30] -Sara Banta

“We take the supplement and then we encode frequencies to go after those same things, so it’s almost like a double whammy when you get the supplement, and it’s much more effective, so you need less of the supplement for the healing.” [13:16] -Sara Banta

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