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The “Silent Killer” of Weight Loss & Accelerator of Aging

Did you know that inflammation can be the silent killer that leads to weight gain, accelerates the aging process, and even contributes to weight loss resistance? It’s a fascinating subject that I believe every woman in the second season of life, the season of menopause, should be aware of.

Don’t miss out on the wisdom I shared in this episode where I discuss the top 10 causes of inflammation and provide actionable steps on how to combat it. From eating clean, lean animal proteins to staying away from processed foods, I cover it all! I also touch upon the importance of incorporating whole grains and legumes into your diet, ideally sprouting, and cooking them yourself to reduce toxins.

Inflammation is a natural process in the body. The key is to address chronic inflammation, which can be detrimental to our overall well-being. By getting inflammation under control, we can reduce the risk of all-cause mortality associated with it, shed excess weight, and age more effectively. It’s truly empowering information that can help you create the most exceptional life on your own terms. It’s time to say goodbye to the silent killer and reclaim your vitality!

Key Takeaways:

[00:00:12] Inflammation and weight loss.
[00:04:02] Standard American diet and inflammation.
[00:06:02] Inflammation is necessary but can be harmful if chronic.
[00:09:37] Traditional lifestyle and longevity.
[00:11:16] Sugar as a preservative.
[00:15:11] Seed oils and inflammation.
[00:15:54] Avoid inflammatory foods and chemicals.
[00:18:28] Inflammatory dietary factors.
[00:21:21] Inflammation is influenced by lifestyle.
[00:23:39] Chronic inflammatory response.
[00:27:24] Gut health and weight gain.
[00:29:28] Inflammation and aging.

Memorable Quotes

“So, the inflammatory process is absolutely required for us to be able to survive on the planet, or we wouldn’t be able to survive just a simple injury, but it’s when that inflammatory process is amplified and especially when it’s chronic all the time.” – Betty Murray

“And until we can get that inflammation under control, it may be one of the major killers of weight loss at the same time, because we have to be able to get rid of the inflammatory response.” – Betty Murray

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