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Unraveling the Myths of Estrogen Dominance: What Really Happens in Your Body

PMS, cramps, bloating, and moodiness – we’ve all experienced these symptoms at some point in our lives. But did you know that these discomforts are often caused by the fluctuation of hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone? As we enter our 30s and 40s, estrogen dominance becomes more prevalent, and it’s crucial to understand how it impacts our bodies. Today I break down the science behind these symptoms and provides insights on how to manage them effectively.

Join me in this episode as I discuss the complexities of estrogen dominance and how it can impact our bodies during the transition to menopause. Whether you’re already on the other side of menopause or just starting to navigate the transition, this episode will shed light on what’s really going on inside your body.

As your host, Betty Murray, I am here to make the complex science of menopause easier to integrate into your daily life. With a dash of sass and a whole lot of wisdom, we’ll explore the effects of estrogen dominance and how it can manifest in various symptoms such as PMS, cramps, bloating, and moodiness.

But it doesn’t end there. I also delve into the importance of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the need for adequate testing to ensure you’re getting the right balance of hormones for your body. I share my expertise on testing methods, particularly in urine, which can provide insights into your free hormones and how well your body is detoxifying them.

Knowledge is power, ladies, and together, we can conquer any challenges that come our way! It’s time to take control of our bodies and reclaim our vitality!

Key Takeaways:

[00:01:13] Estrogen dominance.
[00:05:50] Estrogen dominance and associated conditions.
[00:08:23] Estrogen dominance and immune function.
[00:11:45] Fluctuation of estrogen and autoimmune activity.
[00:15:08] Hormones and immune function.
[00:18:44] Hormonal imbalance and symptoms.
[00:24:40] Hormonal changes and ketchup bottles.
[00:25:17] Estrogen dominance and hormone replacement.
[00:28:39] Hormonal balance in menopause.
[00:30:35] Test hormones for adequate replacement.

Memorable Quotes:

“I was a woman in my 40s fighting with my body weight, fighting estrogen dominance, And I had pretty significant inflammatory activity because I was constantly fighting this inflammatory response. And I have an autoimmune history. So, to me, it felt like every time I was trying to put out the fire, somebody else was on the other side pouring gasoline on it and causing it to burn more. And so, it was just this constant sort of battle is how it felt to me.” – Betty Murray

“And I am a proponent for progesterone replacement and estrogen replacement, even testosterone in women, because, you know, I know that aging is the number one cause of risk factor for all cause mortality. So, if I can slow the aging process by retaining natural hormone balance, that’s always better.” – Betty Murray

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