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Do You Have Progesterone Deficiency? All About Progesterone Function

Are you struggling to understand the difference between synthetic progestins and bioidentical progesterone? It’s hard to find accurate information online because synthetic progestins and true progesterone are incorrectly written interchangeably in articles and research. However, synthetic progestins and true bioindentical progesterone are biologically different.

Today on Menopause Mastery, I do a deep dive into the recent article from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences: Progesterone: A Steroid with Wide Range of Effects in Physiology as Well as Human Medicine. I help you get through the nerd talk so that you can
understand the science behind this miraculous hormone.

We uncover new applications for bioidentical progesterone that could enhance the lives of millions of women. Progesterone protects more than your hormonal health, but has potential applications for concentration, memory, carpal tunnel syndrome, and could help ease anxiety.

Unfortunately, synthetic progestins have been considered interchangeable with pharmaceutical-grade bioidentical progesterone. I break down the negative side effects of these synthetic hormones and teach you why progesterone is the superior treatment. Join me as a guide through this scientific paper and dissect the terminology, so that you can have a deeper understanding of progesterone.

Key Takeaways

  • [2:20] The mechanisms of progesterone
  • [5:40] Binding protein availability
  • [9:00] The effects of progesterone
  • [14:00] Ati anxiety and pain relief effects from metabolites
  • [17:50] The modulation of Gaba and the MMDA receptor
  • [21:00] Regulation of serotonin and dopamine
  • [23:45] Differences in immune modulation
  • [27:30] The differences in medical administration
  • [31:00] Negative side effects of synthetic progestins
  • [38:00] Progesterone injections to improve carpel tunnel
  • [39:00] Synthetic progestin in your drinking water

Memorable Quotes:

“The fluctuation of progesterone affected not only pain but the associated network that binds pain to emotion. So these sex steroids make a significant difference on pain.” [13:00]

“The literature about progesterone, ill-informed and poorly written in literature will often use these words interchangeably, and so you have to really look and see if they’re talking about natural bioidentical progesterone, progestogens, progestins, all of the last of those are synthetic. Progesterone should only refer to the pharmaceutical qualified bioidentical form.” [29:09]


Progesterone: A Steroid with Wide Range of Effects in Physiology as Well as Human Medicine

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