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Breaking the Silence: Gaslighting in Women's Medicine

stressed woman in consultGaslighting, the act of manipulating someone’s perception of reality, is not limited to personal relationships-it also exists within the realm of women’s medicine!

In this blog post, we shed light on the experiences shared by Dr. Kyrin Dunston, a pioneer for female hormone justice, as she exposes the gaslighting that occurs in conventional hormonal testing.

When Dr. Dunston was just starting out, she noticed something big: She saw that fellow practitioners were mistaking symptom management for success. In reality, it’s a flawed approach of claiming victory without addressing the underlying hormonal imbalances. This misguided perspective perpetuates the gaslighting experienced by women seeking medical help, and we hope to put an end to that!

Blindspots in Conventional Hormonal Testing

Conventional hormonal testing often fails to capture the full picture of a woman’s hormonal health, leading to misdiagnoses and inadequate treatments. Betty agrees with Dr. Dunston and wants to highlight the need to recognize these blindspots and advocate for comprehensive testing methods that consider the intricacies of female physiology. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick solutions.

Resolving hormonal imbalances requires time and patience. There are no fast, quick, and easy solutions when it comes to optimizing hormonal health, but by acknowledging this reality, women can make informed decisions about their treatment options and avoid falling victim to false promises.

Get to the Bottom of Your Health Problems

Don’t let gaslighting silence your concerns and undermine your well-being. It’s very possible that you could have an imbalance that can be corrected!

Book a consultation with Betty today to receive the care, attention, and validation you deserve. We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon!

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