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Discover the Vital Role Estrogen Plays in Your Health

You don’t have to suffer in silence–take our quiz and find out how bioidentical hormone therapy can help!

woman with arms outAs you explore this next chapter in your life, you need to harness the full power of your physical and mental health. You want the energy and vitality to explore your true passions and peel back the layers to uncover exactly what will fulfill you and make you happy during this next season.

Hormones: Why They Are Potent Biochemicals

Hormones are the most powerful biochemicals in our body. And when we lose them, as everyone does, their absence and imbalance in our bodies play a role in our energy. They’re very neuro-active, so when we lose these good, juicy chemicals that fuel our happiness and creativity, as well as our ability to decide and be motivated, it can significantly impact our lives.

And combined with other symptoms of low or imbalanced estrogen, like rage, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and even thinning of vaginal tissues, it causes a storm of discomfort or worse for women.

Complicating matters, many in the medical community will tell you it’s natural, and you simply must deal with it. They may even infer that it’s not a big deal.

But it is a big deal, and it’s happening at a time when our wisdom, experience, or knowledge is peaking. And instead of enjoying this time in our lives to the fullest, we lose these biochemicals and essentially fall off the hormone cliff, which can cause many life-altering symptoms.

Estrogen: A Vital Hormone for Women’s Health Beyond Reproduction

Estrogen is critical in the body for several reasons. We are typically most aware of this hormone, created in our ovaries, adrenal glands and fat tissues, during our reproductive years–however, it’s also an important hormone for bone, cognitive and cardiovascular health throughout life. Science indicates women treated with hormones are at less risk for breast cancer, heart attack and strokes. It’s imperative women pay attention to their hormone levels, no matter their age, for this reason.

Replacing the estrogen in your body to optimal levels can help protect your heart, while helping prevent osteoporosis. It can also help alleviate sleep disorders, anxiety, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, hot flashes, and even brain fog.

Take Our Hormone Quiz

Though estrogen therapy may not be for everyone, due to family and personal medical history, science has proven it can be so beneficial for many. Take Betty’s quiz to find out where you may be on the hormone health spectrum, which will give you an idea of a baseline to begin your path back to optimal wellness. And then explore how we can help you navigate this time in your life!

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