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Why Is Hormone Testing So Important?

Testing can help you find therapies to improve your symptoms now, and protect your physical and cognitive health for the future.

women talkingTesting hormones in perimenopause and menopause can be a moving target, because that’s just the nature of hormone fluctuation. However, it’s important to do so properly, for many reasons. People can have all kinds of symptoms that can cross hormonal boundaries. Instead of guessing and putting people through a medical diagnosis rollercoaster ride, hormone testing allows you to receive a more targeted and much more specific picture of what your body is lacking, so you can begin to correct your imbalances.

The Importance of Accurate Testing

Think of your hormones before, during and in the next season of your life as a ketchup bottle: when you’re young, your ketchup bottle is full, and you can squeeze it out quickly. As you begin your perimenopause phase, you have to shake the bottle and it splats. And in menopause, there’s little to no ketchup. Hormone testing, done accurately, doesn’t just take your hormone level on that day of the “splat” in perimenopause as an example. Instead, it helps find the optimal range of hormone replacement necessary, based on a wide-angle view.

Finding Your Optimal Hormone Balance

You are a unique individual, and deserve that kind of direct assessment, not a diagnosis based on a one-day snapshot. Three to six-month testing time frames, using 24-hour urine testing–the gold standard–helps medical professionals better understand the optimal balance of all the hormones in your body, and where you may be as you progress from perimenopause to menopause and afterwards.

As you get closer to finding your optimal hormone replacement levels and your symptoms are alleviated along the way, the dosage can then be tweaked to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of hormone therapy. Too much, and you could stimulate breast glandular tissue or even have the menstrual cycle return. Too little, and you may be alleviating symptoms, but not doing enough to protect your cardiovascular and cognitive health for your future.

The Role of Each Hormone in Your Overall Health

Every hormone is critical to your health. While estrogen helps protect your brain health, for example, testosterone helps protect your muscle mass. Meanwhile, balanced progesterone is imperative for mood, anxiety and depression. Testing for various hormones gives us a more thorough look at how we can improve your health and increase the likelihood you remain active and live life with vitality for the next 20-plus or more years.

If you are ready to learn how to benefit from hormone therapy, entering our test protocol is the first step. Just think–in one year, your life could be dramatically improved. Not just from the perspective of improved symptoms, but also from protecting yourself from cognitive and physical decline well into your future.

What are you waiting for? Protect your health now and for your future. Contact us today for help with balancing your hormones!

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