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What Is Testosterone and How Does It Benefit Women?

It’s not just a “man” hormone–testosterone plays an important role in women’s health and is crucial for your overall wellness.

couple huggingTestosterone is most widely known in public lore as that hormone that increases the sex drive in men. But, in reality, testosterone has many benefits for both men and women; it’s a human hormone, not just a male hormone.

How Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy Empowers Women’s Health

In men, we know testosterone to help with bone and muscle mass, the production of red blood cells, fat distribution, and of course, the production of sperm. In women, meanwhile, the hormone works alongside estrogen to help with growth and repair of reproductive tissues, muscle mass and strength, bone mass, sex drive, mood and even memory.

You may think of testosterone replacement as akin to making you a middle-aged Incredible Hulk, but that’s simply not true. Bioidentical testosterone replacement is not anything to be afraid of and can be beneficial in many ways. Carefully testing and treating women through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help alleviate so many of the symptoms that come along with low testosterone in women.

In addition to supporting your muscle mass, it can help improve anxiety and depression symptoms and sleep difficulties. It can help you feel more energetic, while improving your strength and muscle tone alongside consistent exercise. It will also help those who suffer from thinning hair, and dry or brittle skin.

Likewise, if intercourse has become painful as you’ve aged, it can improve vaginal dryness and restore your sex drive. Though many joke about the health of our sex lives as we age, it’s a very important part of life and deserves attention. Just because we’ve reached a certain age or phase in life, doesn’t mean we have to eschew what can be one the most enjoyable aspects of this phase in our journey. Hormone replacement therapy can help the body restore itself to optimal functioning, even in the bedroom.

You Don’t Always Have to Resort to Medication

Do not accept pharmaceuticals as your only option for this season of your life–it’s certainly not the only treatment for perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms! There are so many other treatments you can use to overcome the symptoms of midlife, so you can get back to feeling like YOU. Contact us today to find out how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you.

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