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This week, Betty dives back into autoimmunity and talks about the genetic component around it. She will walk you through the genes and mutations that are associated with autoimmunity. You’ll learn that although genetics do play a role, they don’t necessarily determine that you will develop an autoimmune condition.

Betty will teach you how mutations occur in the genes and what you can do with that information. Information is power, and this information can address the root causes and avoid autoimmunity in the first place.

It’s time to pull back the veil and learn what’s happening behind the scenes in your body!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • How mutations occur in genes.
  • Betty walks you through the combination of genes that are associated with autoimmunity.
  • An overview of HLAs.
  • Genes that cause a loss of function.
  • How specific ethnic groups are affected by autoimmune conditions.
  • Why it’s important to know what genes have a role in autoimmunity.
  • What you can do with your genetic information.

Memorable Quotes:

“Our genes are our instruction manuals.” (2:46, Betty)

“Most autoimmune diseases arise from a combination of genetic predisposition, environmental triggers, that then disrupt the immune system’s ability to distinguish self from other.” (7:20, Betty)

“I believe knowledge is power, and so when we do have an opportunity to know at least some of our genetics, I think it’s valuable” (17:57, Betty)

“In order to really affect the genes you have to affect the fire that’s turning him on.” (20:32, Betty)

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