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Hustle culture is on the rise, and with it comes stress and burnout. It’s time to learn a new way.

Today, Betty talks all about stress and its impact on the body. Stress is an underestimated trigger for disease and should be taken very seriously.

By listening, you’ll learn what stress really is and what causes it. Then, Betty will explore the connection between stress and autoimmunity. It turns out that stress is a huge contributor to the development of autoimmune conditions!

Many people want to release stress, but they refuse to make any lasting lifestyle changes. Betty is here to say that this problem won’t get better on its own and there’s no better time than the present to start avoiding it. Get ready, because relief is coming!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The definition of stress.
  • How stress negatively affects physical, psychological, and emotional health.
  • The relationship between stress and autoimmunity.
  • Ways the stress response system becomes activated.
  • The biology behind autoimmunity.
  • Why you should take stress seriously.

Memorable Quotes:

“Stress is both physical, psychological, and emotional.” (3:51, Betty)

“Stress is a big contributor to the actual onset and also the flaring of the immune system.” (6:39, Betty)

“It’s a significant problem when we have a lot of chronic stress because it’s gonna cause dysregulation of these immune cells and how they respond to any, any incoming pathogen.” (23:18, Betty)

“We are not designed to live in a prolonged, protracted chronic stress response. We are not designed to constantly be pushing the envelope to almost fight or flight.” (27:08, Betty)

“The take-home message is stress is really important, and it is one of the biggest things that probably induce autoimmunity.” (28:05, Betty)

“You’ve gotta find ways to find coping mechanisms to help you work with the life that you live because often we have to get well in an environment that very well makes us sick.” (30:54, Betty)

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