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With the increase in chemicals and environmental toxins, autoimmunity has become an epidemic. The fact is, the chemicals we’ve added to our environment since industrialization are incredibly toxic.

In this episode, Betty talks about the connection between environmental toxins and autoimmunity. She’ll explain why chemicals are the leading cause of chronic illness and diseases, and their specific role in the immune system.

Then, she’ll give you easy tips and lifestyle changes to reduce your exposure to toxins and your chance of developing an autoimmune condition.

It’s almost impossible to get away from toxins, but you can reduce your overall chemical load within your environment. After listening, you’ll know how to do just that!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The research around environmental toxins and autoimmunity.
  • How exposure to environmental toxins causes autoimmunity.
  • Endocrine disruptors.
  • How chemicals affect DNA.
  • Antioxidants and toxins.
  • How toxins modify proteins in the body and promote dysregulation of the cells.
  • Tips for avoiding chemical exposures.
  • How to remove toxins from your water.

Memorable Quotes:

“When we look at autoimmunity, it is a greater epidemic today than just cardiovascular disease, which gets billions of dollars every year and is heavily funded.” (2:09, Betty)

“Chemical exposures absolutely have correlation to the onset of autoimmune conditions.” (5:31, Betty)

“Environmental chemicals have the ability to impact the mechanism of managing your DNA.” (11:54, Betty)

“Chemicals have not only been found to flare up autoimmunity, but they also have the potential to develop autoimmunity.” (20:30, Betty)

“I believe it really is the food toxicants and the environmental toxicants that are a heavy driver of the epigenetic risk to those that have the genetic risk for autoimmunity.” (30:52, Betty)

“These toxins do exist and you can’t really get away from them. And ultimately our goal should be to reduce the overall chemical load within our environment.” (36:28, Betty)

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