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Why Skin Health Should Be Your Priority with Dr. Keira Barr

Did you know your skin could be a glimpse into the rest of your health?

Dr. Keira Barr is a dual board-certified dermatologist and a menopause specialist who wants to empower women with the tools they need to help them feel more comfortable in their skin.

This episode discusses why skin is so important and what could negatively impact it.

You’ll hear tips and tricks to heal your skin naturally from the inside out while feeling empowered to prioritize your skin health. Dr. Keira explains that skincare is not just what we do on the outside, but is also an internal job.

Skin is the number one reason people go to the doctor and influences everything from how you feel to how you show up in the world. After listening, you’ll take your skin health a lot more seriously!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • Why Dr. Keira became a dermatologist.
  • The importance of skin.
  • The reason your worth shouldn’t be tied to your appearance.
  • Dr. Keira’s definition of skin care.
  • The relationship between skin and the gut.
  • How stress impacts skin.
  • Tools to help improve your skin.
  • Why you should check your own skin.

Where to Find the Guest:

Does your skincare routine need a makeover? Take the quiz today!


Memorable Quotes:

“Your skin is just this messenger of telling you what’s happening in your body.” (4:46, Dr. Keira)

“We teach best what we need to learn the most.” (6:26, Dr. Keira)

“Skincare is so much more than the products that we use.” (9:24, Dr. Keira)

“I really define skincare as connection and relationship. And it’s the connection and relationship to ourselves.” (14:26, Dr. Keira)

“Your skin is not trying to sabotage you. It is not trying to make you have a bad day. It is offering information that something is happening beneath the surface that needs your attention.” (16:44, Dr. Keira)

“We have been conditioned in Western medicine especially to always look outside ourselves for answers, but that is not where the answers are.” (24:49, Dr. Keira)

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