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What Can You Learn from a DNA Test? Betty Shares Her Own DNA Results

Betty is fully exposed as she shares the results of her DNA test with raw honesty. You’ll learn exactly how she’s wired and designed.

To help her interpret, The DNA Company founder Kashif Khan joins her and brings with him his immense knowledge. (To find out more about Kashif and his company, go back to episode 15 for his interview!)

They’ll discuss the different DNA markers that affect the brain and more specifically, how Betty’s dopamine levels and neurotransmitters play a role in the way she acts, learns, and behaves.

With this real-life example of the benefits a DNA test can bring you, you’ll be able to decide if taking one is right for you!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • How Betty’s sensitivity to stimuli affects her.
  • Where Betty’s attention to detail comes from.
  • Why being an entrepreneur is built into her DNA.
  • What kinds of foods are best for Betty to eat, and the foods she should avoid.
  • The reason chemicals are so hard on Betty.
  • Betty’s serotonin and dopamine levels.

Memorable Quotes:

“You’re really good at developing the neural pathways, that transfer information, which means you’re really good at developing new skills, which speaks to this multi-hat-wearing entrepreneur.” (8:42, Kashif)

“Call it the drama queen response, you’re quite the opposite.” (10:03, Kashif)

“About 50% of what you’re meant to clear and block is getting in.” (14:39, Kashif)

“You have the very unique and rare worst possible fat metabolism.” (18:01, Kashif)

“It’s not that you’re hungry and you need food. It’s that when you eat food, you just need a lot of different stuff.” (21:22, Kashif)

Connect with Betty Murray:

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