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[Brain Candy] The Top 10 Endocrine Disruptors & Reducing Your Chemical Intake

Do you ever worry about the chemicals in your food or the products you use daily?

In this episode, Betty talks about endocrine disruptors and the many symptoms that they cause. Walking you through the top 12, she will help you identify what in your life might have harmful chemicals.

She’ll explain the symptoms of endocrine disruptions, from cancer to autoimmune conditions. Betty will also teach you how to reduce your risk and remove toxins from your environment.

Betty leaves you with an inspiring message of putting your money elsewhere so endocrine disruptors can finally be wiped from the world.

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • Personal products to avoid.
  • The connection between fish and fertility.
  • Glyphosate misconceptions.
  • Eating organic.
  • The impacts of lead and plastics.

Connect with Betty Murray:

Certified Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
CEO & Founder, Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center

Living Well Dallas
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