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Myths of Weight Loss in Women Over 40: Part Three

Certified Nutritionist Betty Murray busts three more myths about weight loss in women over 40, and discusses why long term stress is often a major reason for hormone imbalance.


I dive into three more myths about weight loss in women after age 40, focusing on the connection between the thyroid and hormones and how the complex relationship may make it difficult to find out what’s really going on if you’re struggling with weight loss. I also discuss why fertility issues are linked to stress hormones and the effect of stress hormones such as cortisol on your weight loss journey.


[2:33] How your hormones influence each other and combine to create a symphony
[4:58] Ways that Cortisol and other stress hormones impact weight and bodily responses to stress
[9:45] Long term effects of cortisol on weight gain
[10:35] Adrenal fatigue and being stressed constantly can increase excess cortisol, causing adrenal dysregulation
[11:57] Severe adrenal dysregulation causing negative effects like being “wired and tired” all the time
[15:25] The link between fertility issues and stress
[17:32] The complex relationship between thyroid problems and stress, and why stress may actually be the underlying factor causing them
[20:32] Gluconeogenesis, aka the body producing glucose from the liver to utilize it as fuel
[23:40] The importance of treating the body as a system working together, because many issues related to thyroid and hormones are interrelated

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“The hormones are a symphony. We have a director of the show and we have a conductor.”

“A lot of times the fertility issues people run into may very well be related to their stress response.”

“If my adrenals are playing tribal music, and my thyroid thinks it needs to be playing a waltz, my body is going to, through the pituitary and hypothalamus, downregulate thyroid.”

“Thyroid issues play with cortisol, and play with estrogen, because they all work together.”

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