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Myths of Weight Loss in Women Over 40: Part Two

Certified Nutritionist Betty Murray busts three more myths about weight loss in women over 40, and discusses the challenges of balancing the hormones in your body after 40.


Murray dives into three more myths about weight loss in women after age 40, this time tackling the ways that estrogen, testosterone and progesterone can combine and interact with other hormones like insulin to impact weight gain in your forties and beyond. Murray also speaks about the potential dangers of over supplementing hormones like progesterone, and how it can throw your body out of balance.


[2:40] Discussing the different functions of the estrogen hormones estradiol, estrone, and estriol
[4:01] Production rate of estrogen hormones decreases in your forties, causing women go through perimenopuase and menopause
[4:38] Progesterone counterbalances estrogen to enable fertility and pregnancy
[6:54] Progesterone begins declining quickly in your forties, causing fertility issues
[8:19] Explaining the role of androgens, aka male hormones and how they play into the creation of estrogen hormones
[11:00] How increasing body fat can lead to insulin resistance and affect aspects of sex hormone production
[13:24] Explaining how being put on progesterone supplements in your forties may cause insulin resistance and resulting weight gain
[17:15] The importance of considering progesterone, estrogens and testosterone levels and how insulin interplays with these hormones when dealing with excess weight gain


“All of those hormones, the luteinizing hormone and the follicular stimulating hormone, come from the pituitary and kind of tell the ovaries, ‘Go’ – it’s the coach”

“Usually by the time we hit our forties, progesterone has nosedived”

“Sex hormone binding globulin, think of it this way: it’s the taxi cab that drives testosterone around”

“To some degree, almost all of us have some level of insulin control that is aberrant or abnormal.”

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