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What You Should Know About Hormone Replacement with Dr. Deb Matthew – The Happy Hormones Doctor

When most people think about hormonal changes, they picture menopause. But the fact is that your hormones can affect you at any age!

This weeks podcast is all about hormones and what you need to know about hormone replacement with Dr. Deborah Matthew, AKA “The Happy Hormone Doctor.”

Dr. Deb authentically shares her story of suffering for years with hormonal imbalances, and how she found healing and stepped into her role as a doctor.

She’ll walk you through the nuances of hormonal imbalance, and how to know if you might have one.

By the time you’re finished with this episode, you’ll know whether hormone replacement therapy is the right choice for you, as well as some alternatives!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • Listening to your body’s natural intuition.
  • What to do when your body doesn’t take you seriously.
  • The types of hormones and how they impact you.
  • The link between hormones and cancer.
  • Hormones and vaginal health.
  • How hormone imbalances can hold you back.

Memorable Quotes:

“For the last 15 years, I’ve been helping men and women get their hormones back in balance so that they can get their life back and feel like themselves again.” (6:19, Dr. Deb)

“I want other women to know that if you don’t feel normal, there’s something wrong. And if your doctor’s not really taking you seriously, you don’t give up because it’s possible to feel like yourself again.” (7:10, Dr. Deb)

“I think women need to embrace that deep feeling that we have, that sort of inner knowing and intuition that I’m not going crazy. What’s going on in my body is true.” (11:38, Betty)

“I believe that we all deserve balanced hormones. (13:47, Dr. Deb)

“Being on birth control pills, when you’re 19, like that’s kind of one thing, which is a whole nother topic, but by the time you’re 49, it’s probably not the best choice.” (21:39, Dr. Deb)

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