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Why Food Sensitivities Matter with Margaret Floyd Barry

Did you know that autoimmune conditions affect a whopping over 50 million Americans?

In this episode, Betty speaks with functional nutritionist Margaret Floyd Barry about food sensitivities and their connection with autoimmune disorders and the thyroid.

You’ll learn why so many people are living with autoimmune disorders right now and how they develop in the body.

Margaret will also take you deep into the topic of food sensitivity and will show you that there’s more to it than just the food you eat.

With the tips Margaret shares, you’ll discover that small changes can dramatically alter your health as you age!

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The connection between gut health and the immune system.
  • How gluten harms the system.
  • What increases inflammation?
  • Three things you could do right now to improve your gut health.
  • Why soy and oils are problematic.
  • Optimizing thyroid performance.

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Memorable Quotes:

“The immune system has basically two key functions, right? One is to protect us from pathogenic invaders and the other is a sort of internal housekeeping.” (7:21, Margaret)

“There’s so many things in our modern world that are contributing to, or triggering our bodies to inflame.” (13:15, Margaret)

“You have to heal the gut at the same time as removing these food sensitivities, otherwise you are just getting one piece of the puzzle.” (17:36, Margaret)

“You’re walking food. There is not a cell in your body that was not once food.” (22:04, Margaret)

“Symptoms are our body talking to us, and if they’re speaking to us, we can keep kind of shutting them up, but they’re just going to get louder.” (34:19, Margaret)

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