Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Out of all of the speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the in the trenches experience in functional medicine and health care industry insight who brings passion and experience Betty Murray.

Betty draws on her background as a nutritionist and CEO of a health care management company, with meticulously detailed research and thorough analysis, as well as her personal experience, to create her inspiring and dynamic presentation, personalized for your audience and occasion.

Betty’s story is not just about food. It’s about finding your courage and believing in your ability to overcome challenges and to affect remarkable change. Whether speaking to corporations or non-profits, her gift for communication have made her a sought-after speaker. She empowers change and inspires hope. Her passion and enthusiasm to motivate individuals and organizations provides her with a constant source of inspiration.

Through her work, Betty is able to personalize a presentation for your organization that can inspire and motivate in a way that is not only dynamic but also highly personal, authentic and engaging.

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We believe that lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, your relationships, work, fun, spiritual connections, life purpose and passion are all part of your health. Under one roof, we combine therapies to support all areas of life that contribute to well-being and health. We work directly with you co-creating the program and services you need, when you need them to help you live, feel and be well! Whether you are struggling with a chronic condition you have been unable to get answers for or you are wanting to improve your health and well-being; we are equipped with a health care team formulated to bring you the necessary diagnostic options, treatments and services to help you thrive.