Functional Medicine Education Robert Luby MD


Functional Medicine Education Robert Luby MD

Functional Medicine Education with Robert Luby MD Medical Education Director at the Institute for Functional Medicine

Metabolic Blueprint Radio is where we talk about how you can optimize your health and wellbeing through applying the latest advances in genetics, medical science, nutrition and natural health. I will be your guide to better having more energy, better memory, and hormone balance, physical and mental health. Today’s show we will be talking with Robert Luby, MD from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Robert Luby, MD, is the Executive Director of Medical Education with the Institute for Functional Medicine. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is board certified in family medicine, holistic medicine, and IFMCP. Dr. Luby spent 26 years working in underserved Latino community health centers and 16 years in academic medicine as faculty in a family medicine residency program. He has had teaching affiliations with Boston University, Harvard, UMass, Tufts, and University of Vermont.

Dr. Luby is noted for using unconventional teaching methods and won the Teacher of the Year Award and the Residency Innovation Award multiple times in his tenure as Director of Curriculum and Education for the Lawrence Family Medicine Residency in Lawrence, MA.