About Betty

Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP is a Certified Nutritionist and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP). Betty has a Masters in Human Nutrition Science and Integrative & Functional Nutrition and us currently completing her Ph.D dissertation at Saybrook University. She was one of the first 300 certified functional medicine practitioners with the Institute for Functional Medicine (Ifm.org) and has been a thought leader and progressive force for the functional medicine movement since 2006.

Betty is on a mission to radically change the health of Americans. And she believes that medicine is in serious need of an overhaul. This new paradigm of medicine must be built on the foundation of functional medicine, which brings a biology systems-based approach designed to uncover underlying causes not just address symptoms. Through her business ventures, she has developed disruptive innovations that deliver nutrition and lifestyle together with medical professionals to answer today’s most threatening health concerns: obesity, autoimmunity, digestive disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer all while honoring and supporting the entire person.

Betty is the founder of a Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center, a medical centers tht brings functional medicine trained physicians, nutritionists, and health coaches together with counselors and mind-body services under one roof in an collaborative and integrative team. The Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center is the flagship center founded in 2005 in North Dallas. 

She is the founder of Minerva Medical Consulting, the creator of Perfect Practice Blueprint®, a consulting and coaching firm dedicated to assisting physicians and allied health professionals implement functional medicine into their practices to transform health care. As a leader in the functional medicine movement, she founded the Functional Medicine Association of North Texas (FMANT), a 501C6 Texas non-profit organization bringing functional medical training to health care providers in north Texas. FMANT has been a driving force and sister organization to the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

My History

Betty Murray has spent more than 15-years helping people overcome their health challenges. As a nutritionist, she specializes in working with those who struggle with autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders and hormonal imbalances. Betty created the Metabolic Blueprint®, a ground-breaking program to find the root cause and develop a personalized precision plan to create optimal health.

She is the author of Cleanse: Detox Your Mind, Body and Spirit published under her publishing imprint Living Well Publishing. She is a contributing author of Lessons Learned from the Recession, from the Business Leader’s Book Club, a compilation of 60 business leaders’ experiences and words of wisdom from the economic crisis that gripped the world in 2008 through 2011. She is a featured subject matter expert for Fox News Radio Broadcasting nationwide, a contributor to CW33 EyeOpener TV also a contributing author of articles to local and national magazines and blogs.

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Betty Murray


Speaker and & Author

Betty is an accomplished speaker with an impressive client list ranging from national companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. She is a multi-faceted speaker with a quick wit and engaging educational presentation. Betty is unique in the marketplace because she is not only a provider but also a CEO immersed in developing new innovative clinical models. She is equally at home presenting on changes in health care policy, the future of prevention and health care and the functional medicine movement as she is inspiring a room to take the reigns in improving their health. Betty is especially talented in providing a personal message of hope to inspire her listeners to enact positive change in health and well being. With humor and engaging personal stories, Betty weaves a tale that is both informative and motivational. Betty’s goal is to bring the most cutting-edge but practical answers to her audiences in order to provide the catalysts for positive change.

Some of My Media & Corporate Clients


Whether you need a speaker for wellness events or a keynote for large meetings, Betty Murray can prepare a unique talk that will engage and inspire your employees to take a proactive role in their health and wellbeing. Topics range from “Life & Work Balance” or “Top 10 Health Changes to Make Now!” to “Health is Wealth”. Contact TyDaily@livingwelldallas.com for information about booking Betty as your next speaker.

Non-Profit Organizations

Inspire your members to take positive healthy action. Betty has been a feature speaker exploring the functional medicine answer for uncovering the cause of health concerns. Equally at home as a CEO, she has an inspirational message of change for healthcare in America. Contact ty.daily@livingwelldallas.com for more information about booking Betty as your next speaker.

Health Care Organizations

Never before has there been such a tumultuous time in health care. Betty has been instrumental as CEO of Living Well Dallas in creating a new health care delivery paradigm. She has an inspirational message of the new model patient-centered care and creating a disciplinary team to enhance patient engagement and outcomes.

Outside of her business ventures, Betty is featured Fox News expert on national Fox News Radio for health and nutrition-related reporting and a frequent guest on EyeOpenerTV on CW33 and other television shows. She also is the founder and Executive Director of the Dallas Functional Medicine Association of North Texas, an educational organization teaching physicians the functional medicine paradigm. In addition, she serves on the Board of Gluten Intolerance Group of Greater Dallas, a national organization for awareness of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.