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About Betty Murray

Betty Murray, CN, HHC, RYT is on a mission to radically change the health and health care in America. She is a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor and founder of a comprehensive integrative medical center Living Well Dallas, Inc. Living Well Dallas was created as a model for a new-age of medical delivery combining medicine, nutrition and mind-body-spirit modalities in an integrative model to then replicate across the U.S.. After six years of experience, She has developed a consulting firm assisting physicians in developing a functional medicine practice called Minerva Medical Consulting and 2BMG, a turn-key solution bringing nutritional services to primary care physicians offices answering the need for nutrition and lifestyle service options for their patients thereby, assisting medical innovators in creating a paradigm shift in medical services delivery. She has also created a breakthrough nutritional program individualizing nutrition to the bio-chemical and genetic makeup of the individual through cutting-edge testing and individualized solutions called Metabolic Blueprint ℠ that is available through Living Well Dallas.

Betty became her own first client. After suffering years of undiagnosed gluten intolerance and IBS, accompanied with unexplained weight gain, fatigue and hormonal imbalances while immersed in a 17-year career in corporate America, she set out to find the answers to her own health problems. Betty’s health concerns lead to a 12-year educational journey that has become the backbone of her approach to wellness. Betty quickly learned that she was not alone and that many of the symptoms people are faced with today and the resulting complications have an answer in nutrition and lifestyle. Furthermore, these can be reversed with a focused approach on fixing the physical imbalances, addressing the whole person and unwinding the patterns that developed the illness.

In Betty’s private practice at Living Well Dallas, she has developed a team specialized in metabolic, autoimmune, digestive disorders and weight loss resistance. With a foundation in the bio-chemistry of the body, Betty and her teaches clients how to utilize nutritional interventions to improve their health.

Betty’s team focuses on bio-individuality; each person is unique, and there is no perfect way of eating that works for every person. Each individual has his or her own genetic, chemical and hormonal makeup and needs that when individualized can have profound effects on the health and wellbeing. Wellness is accessible through eating based on the knowledge that one person's food may be another's poison and that good nutrition is the foundation for lasting wellness and is the primary modifiable action one can take to prevent chronic disease.

Never one to overlook what is often missed in medicine, the story of her clients; Betty also recognizes that a person's relationship with food is affected by other factors that supersede the food. Our relationships, self-esteem, exercise habits, spirituality, life purpose and career can all be a catalyst for wellness or disease. The more satisfying our lives are, the less we depend on food to fill a void. The team offers life-changing holistic nutrition integrated with the best technology available including emotional, mental and energetic services to address mind-body and spirit.

Her team has at their disposal the most cutting-edge nutritional testing and assessments. With a "Test. Don't guess!” approach to getting rapid, sustainable results, her team works with people all over the globe.

Minerva Medical Consulting and 2BMG are designed to take the lessons learned and programs developed through Living Well Dallas, and deliver them to medical communities both as a consulting service and as a complete turn-key solution. Follow the links here for information about these cutting-edge offerings: Minerva Medical Consulting and 2BMG

Betty is on the board of the Gluten Intolerance Group of Great Dallas and is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Institute of Functional Medicine.


Betty Murray's List of Clients

The Container Store

The Department of Health & Human Services

The Department of Homeland Security

American Air Force and Armed Services Exchange

Southern Methodist University

eWomen Network

Plano Chamber of Commerce


Betty Murray, Dallas certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor can help you
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